Designing products that people want to use

We harness the power of design to provide experiences that make people want to use our products—the first time, and every time.

The true value of Ricoh products and services can only be felt by actually using them in the workplace. Repeated positive experiences foster the desire to use the product in our customers. Beauty and comfort are valuable achievements in design, but we believe they are only meaningful if we can provide our customers with an excellent experience.

We continue to provide the best and most suitable products to our customers through the three following values and will continue to be committed and responsible for inspiring our customers to feel excited to use our products.

Continue to envision our future together

Visualize the happiest digital community for people and society.

Respond to the wishes of the field/customer

Understand the field/customer better than anyone else, creating designs for irreplaceable experiences.

Imbue our work with compassion

Pursue quality with professional pride and commitment, driven by empathy for our customers.

Products and services designed by Ricoh

Image of products and services

Our Mission at Ricoh is to understand how our customers work, and bring innovation and change to them so that people can realize their potential for the creation of a more sustainable future.
At Ricoh Design, we create designs that are easier to use, so that the products and services can help people to be more creative at work, improving work in many ways and in many places.

Our design offices

Map of Ricoh Design's global offices

Ricoh Design’s office is in Ebina City, Kanagawa Prefecture, inside Ricoh Technology Center which is the development hub of the capital region.
We also have offices in Steins, Surrey (UK) and Boulder, Colorado (USA) where our overseas designers are based.

Global Offices